About Gilliflower

Gilliflower (jil-ee-flou-er) noun: a clove-scented pink or carnation

Gilliflower is a creative floral design company, specialising in making visually fanciful and uber original aesthetic arrangements for gifts, occasions, parties and weddings.

IMG_1528Inspired by the abundance of natural beauty bestowed by Mother Nature, Gilliflower love to make country cottage, cozy arrangements with a relaxed and rustic charm. If you’re here scouting for an offbeat gift to present your Husband/Wife/Mother/Lover, or hunting down extravagant whimsies for a big event, Gilliflower’s blue-sky florist can arrange bountiful, bespoke bouquets to suit all your eclectic fancies.




Gilliflower is headed up by Helen, a Colcestrian lass with a devotion to flowers and foliage. Her former years were spent beavering away in the dimly lit rooms of academic libraries, feverishly cataloguing arcane relics and resisting the urge to stamp antique books. Having emerged from the roller stacks of library store B, Helen has trained in floristry  and now spends her time beavering away in the radiance of her home workshop. Helen is also the author of the Gilliflower blog, delivering imaginative and charming ideas.


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