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September’s seed harvest

Seed pods and dried flowers add harvest time chic to late summer arrangements.

Nigella, poppies, aquilegias and scabiosa are simple to grow. Wonderfully so. My garden is full of these self-seeding, bee beckoning beauties and summer upon summer their display gets more and more vivid. By September though, their bewitching exhibition has muted leaving behind their delicate, ethereal seed head skeletons. Tiny harvest spiders weave finespun webs between each frozen-in-time pod and there is a promise in the air of autumn awakening.

A few years ago, I would skim quickly over the dried flower sections of my floristy books with no more than a fleeting glance.  Since growing my own cut flowers however, I’ve come to appreciate the full life cycle of a bloom from seedling to seed head. Last weekend, I finally got round to harvesting my dried poppy and aquilegia seed heads which will adorn autumn and winter flower arrangements. Adding curios accents to bouquets and wreaths, here at Gilliflower we take inspiration from vintage dried flower designs and use immaculately preserved dried materials in all manner of compositions. Gathered into large bundles and bound in twine, seed pods can also be used to give harvest time chic to late summer weddings sowed in between the hay bales and bunting.

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