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Dreamy chocolate brownies from a bearded brownie baker

Opulently decadent chocolate brownie and bountiful bouquet gift packages are coming…

I love it when a plan comes together and yesterday, when Gilliflower met with Alex’s Brownies, there was no stemming the creative flow. Alex, the bearded baker, is a Colchester based local lad and artisan brownie maker who crafts luxuriously rich brownies for an increasing band of devout customers. Alex is a chocolate visionary. His unwavering passion for all things brownie has led him to create fantastical bespoke bakes with the most ingenious flavour combinations. But best of all, Alex takes requests. And no request, no matter how wildly decadent or ludicrously lavish, is too far. Peanut butter and white chocolate chunks? You betcha’. Mini Eggs and Toblerone? Of course! Twix and Double Stuffed Oreo? No problem. I’m too hungry now to continue listing the boundless possibilities but just think of them all…

As you all know, I’m a lifelong fan of partnering flowers with cake. I go on about it every month. That’s why I’m ecstatic to announce a cracking new collaboration between Gilliflower and Alex’s Brownies. Working together to produce deluxe brownie and bloom gift ideas, and gorgeous wedding flower and favour packages, our exciting collaboration will be officially launched in the next couple of months. Watch this space.

Alex's brownies white chocolate brownieMothering Sunday aquapack bouquet


Mothering Sunday 2015

It’s been pretty busy in the Gilliflower workshop this Mother’s Day weekend.

And what a treat the workshop looked first thing on Friday after an early morning run to the flower wholesalers. I tell you, there’s really nothing more charming than walking into the workshop when it’s full of sweet scented stocks and radiant aqua roses. Busy we may have been, but stressed we were not. Glorious sunshine streamed in through the window whilst I put together the Mother’s Day bouquets jamming out to some cool funk and soul tunes. Bliss.

Delivering the bouquets to the deserving mummas of Colchester was equally as charming. Did you see the look of surprise on Mum’s face? It was a picture. Of course I don’t have favourites, I love all my flowers equally, but it was extra special delivering a bouquet to the Green Room Restaurant to lie in wait on a table as a sweet little aperitif to accompany a Mother’s Day lunch for one of my customer’s lovely mum.

Happy Mothering Sunday to all the mums of Colchester, and beyond. I hope your day was filled with spring sunshine, gifts and of course, flowers.

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Mothering Sunday Bouquets

Always be prepared for Mother’s Day. I’m always saying it.

So this year, I started planning my Mothering Sunday gift bouquets super early. In the UK, Mothering Sunday falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent, which in 2015 is the 15th March. Having feasted on the last of my heavenly pancakes, I scampered off to my local floristry supplier for some divine inspiration.

And what characterises Mothering Sunday more than pretty pink and lushious lilac pastels. Full bodied, flagrant and totally unashamed roses are the central focal point of this bouquet accompanied by delicate and demure spray roses, lisianthus, veronica and stocks. When it comes to colour, the Victorians definitely had it right. Like our Mother’s pink is a strong, robust colour and these roses exude tenacity.

If you’d like to order one of these beauteous, boxed hand-tied bouquets, send me a message using my contact form, Facebook or Twitter and your Mother will be delighted when you go a-mothering laden with floral fruitfulness.

Mothering Sunday bouquet Mother's Day bouquet Mothering Sunday bouquet Mothering Sunday bouquet


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